The early morning yoga practice on the beach, concluded sitting quietly hearing and seeing the ocean, watching the gentle flow of the breath in — and — out of the body, The foamy waves rolled on to the shore-line, each wave creating an unrepeatable pattern. A pattern unable to be altered in time-space.

Like a drizzle of consciousness atoms, percieving that the blockchain has arisen out of a conscious understanding of nature, the ocean, the waves, enhanced my feelings of awe and mystery as the door to the divine WOW blew open.

The ‘hashing’ algorithm that appears to underpin block creation and the security of the blockchain is a function of all the previous hashes in the chain. Similarly, the tide line of the wave rolling onto the shore is only possible because of all the previous tide-lines, and has its own unique, unalterable qualities and in this, I started to understand the notion of immutability.

Blockchain Technology: Naturalistic Security built with Natural Intelligence.

Disclosure: somewhere in cyberspace there are some electrons and photons that make me think I own some Bitcoin.